Manufacturer of industrial valves

Safety valve

We offer essential parts of systems which are supposed to protect equipment and pressure systems like tanks, pipelines, etc. We highly recommend products like a spring-loaded safety valve. The element comes in different models - e.g. we offer a model with flanged or threaded ends, with threaded inlet and flanged ends, and many others.

Producing powertrain components

Shafts and discs

Among the metal elements that we manufacture there are high quality shafts and discs. Their capabilities include for example: teeth and spline hobbing, long hole drilling, or spline grinding. Basing on our forty years of experience on the market and modern machinery that we own we can assure that the metal components that we produce are infallible.

Legal services Warsaw

Legal services Warsaw

Ensure complete safety of your company and develop your business with comprehensive legal help, provided by experienced Our lawyers. The law firm from Warsaw has offices across the Baltic Sea Region countries and offers support for companies of different sizes and profile of operation. On the basis of trust, respect and excellence in every area of cooperation, the experts provide regular legal services or offer one-time support. Contact the office or visit the website to find out more.

Upholstery for car's interior

Car interior upholstery

Make a smart investment and alter the way your Volvo, Porsche, Mercedes or other vehicle looks like and is perceived - by you and others. Even the most boring dashboards, seats and other elements can be improved by Carlex Design experts. They will prepare car interior upholstery which will surely amaze you with originality, character and fantastic style, appreciated by many demanding owners before you. There are virtually no limits when it comes to shapes and combinations and the quality is always the best.

Visit to the holy place

Trip to Wadowice

Our travel agency offers a unique opportunity to visit the birthplace of the Polish pope John Paul II. A trip to Wadowice is a chance to get to know his childhood environment: his house, school, the church he went to as a child. You will also try famous cream cakes, one of his holiness's favourite dishes!

Vêtements sacerdotaux


Nous sommes une boutique en ligne dont l’offre s’adresse à des clients exceptionnels tels que les ecclésiastiques. Dans notre riche assortiment, vous trouverez des vêtements sacerdotaux, de cérémonie, des chasubles, des nappes d’autel, des diacres gothiques et romaines, des voiles de calices et bien plus.

The lighting store

Led extension cable

Once you've decided to buy the profile, it's worth thinking about what else you'll need for installation. The most basic product will be led extension cable. Always, even if you have everything carefully calculated. We know from autopsy that sometimes and even often it is necessary. In our store you will find several types, for example, male to female 1800 mm.

Medical testing laboratory

Preclinical research and development

As part of our activities, we collaborate with institutions that are interested in fields such as cardiology, cardiac surgery or vascular surgery and rehabilitation. Preclinical research and development work allows us to make new discoveries and tests. We also coordinate many clinical centers and cooperating hospitals.

Massages and beauty treatments

Body care

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or one of our beauty treatments. We offer a wide variety of procedures which are aimed not only for your face. We believe that body care is important in order to feel pampered and rejuvenated – take a look at our offer and book your next treatment or contact us for more info!

IT solutions

salesforce developers

Are you looking for someone to create a modern solution for you? One that is literally tailor-made for you and your business? If so, you have come to the right place. Our salesforce developers will take care of everything you need, from small solutions that make your day-to-day tasks easier, to complex and difficult programmes that you would not be able to create bigger projects without.

Eco solutions

PVC regranulate

Experience the power of modern recycling solutions with our company! Our passion manifests itself in the constant search for innovations that support an eco-friendly way of living and doing business. We are a leader in the production of PVC Regranulate, creating a top quality product that works well in many industries. It's not only economical, but above all ecological. By working with us, you are investing in a clean future for our planet.

A way to create perfect rings

Bearing grinding

Experience and precision are our priorities in the development of plastic processing tools. We are specialists who perfectly understand the importance of precise bearing grinding for the long-term and reliable operation of any mechanism. We especially value efficiency and attention to detail in our designs, which is why the accessories available from us are popular with professionals and amateurs alike. Order our abrasive tool today.