Smart Lipo aesthetic medicine procedure

Cheap liposuction

Modern liposuction procedure conducted by experienced doctors from Top-Medics private clinics, allows to achieve fantastic results at minimal invasion. Cheap liposuction is a laser-assisted treatment, which has proven to be great not only in removing excessive body fat deposits, but also shaping body contours.

Leading electrical switchgear manufacturers

Lv switchgear

LV (low voltage) and MV (medium voltage) accessories from reliable company. ZPUE belongs to the group of the most experienced, leading electrical switchgear manufacturers in Europe. The company’s offer includes products for generation of electricity, building, transportation industry and numerous others.

Forbuild's bearings

Structural bearings

Manufactured from elastromer and other materials, they are used in structures to transfer diverse loads which occur to supporting elements. Forbuild has prepared one of the most effective and widely used elements to meet the requirements of the best construction companies. They effectively transfer statistical turns as well as vertical and horizontal shifts.

Dressta - heavy equipment

Construction equipment manufacturers

Quality machinery for heavy-duty tasks. Dressta is one of the most well-known construction equipment manufacturers in the world, offering crawler dozers, bulldozers, wheel loaders, pipelayers and other machinery. Moreover, the company experts can adjust the machine to your individual requirements and needs.

Cigarette industry experts - Golden Filter brand

Cigarette papers

Products manufactured by Del-Vis and Hawana Tabacco companies, are distributed under own, Golden Filter brand, or under other brands. The offer includes, for instance cigarette papers and filters, but they manufacture as well special tube making machine. The group includes as well TabPol - a manufacturer of a several varieties of tobacco.

Belgian chocolate accessories - Barbara Luijckx

The art of creating confectionery masterpieces requires great love of detail. Every cake and dessert is a result of careful combination of ingredients which taste and look great. Barbara Luijckx is an expert in Belgian chocolate decorations, offering shavings, rolls, cigarellos, cones, cups and numerous others.

Monastic, Gothic and Roman vestments of Catholic priests

Clergy cassocks

Virtually a complete choice of clergy cassocks of Catholic priests, lectors and altar servants, available online. The website presents also a variety of chasubles in Roman, Gothic and Monastic styles. They are also available in different colors, to suit diverse periods in the liturgical year, and can be embroidered to dedicate it to a given priest.

Portable equipment for bartending needs

Mobile bar manufacturer

Portable solutions for professional bartenders are on the rise. Virtually every professional has to move from place to place - and as bartenders ourselves we understand all the hassle connected with it. However, we are also a mobile bar manufacturer, offering one of the lightest, the most stable and the most practical solutions on the market.

WiFi CCTV systems from CAMSAT

Wireless CCTV

Reliable security solutions are increasingly popular also in places where traditional cable devices could not be used, or their use was connected with extremely high costs. Thanks to CAMSAT’s wireless CCTV systems, now every facility can improve the safety and get the highest quality image in virtually every conditions.

Enchanting dresses

Elegant dress

Magnificent, characteristic style of our every elegant dress attracts the most sophisticated women. These projects beautifully combine fairy-tale lines, with nature and bold additions (ruffles, prints and more). They are perfect for work, classy events and meetings as well as everyday situations... and they always are as stunning as you.

Beautiful chasubles to buy!

Catholic priest vestments

Every clergyman needs his own cassock, dalmatic, cope and chasubles in various, liturgical colours. Find them in the online shop! All kinds of catholic priest vestments are available: Gothic, Semi-Gothic and Roman style, check also beautiful Marian ones. The attires have beautiful orphreys and are made of linen.

Durable outdoor lighting

Park lamps

Our company offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting. Our park lamps and garden lights are durable and energy-efficient. The lanterns are perfect for public areas because they provide increased visibility after dark. Moreover, the fixtures have got a practical and a classically elegant design at the same time.

Industrial metal detectors

Magnetic separator

We produce professional metal detection systems for such industries as mining, recycling or food production. Our magnetic separator comes in different types and sizes, so each client can find the device suitable for their requirements. The detectors can be installed on belt conveyors to remove metal impurities from transported materials.

Transport from plane to the hotel

Airport transfer Krakow Balice

Travelling to unknown country does not have to be stressful. For most people scariest moment in a new country is exiting the plane. With our Krakow Balice airport transfer you don’t have to worry, our employee will wait for you, holding a card with your name on it. After that he will take you to any destination you want. Our offer is for both, single people and groups.

Spiral air ducts

Ventilation ducting

We offer spiral tubes made from durable materials. Ventilation ducting is often used for air flow systems in office buildings or private homes. Tubes are available in diameters varying from 80 mm to 1600 mm. Our pipes are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel or copper. The standard length of a pipe is 3 m.

Manufacturer of industrial valves

Safety valve

We offer essential parts of systems which are supposed to protect equipment and pressure systems like tanks, pipelines, etc. We highly recommend products like a spring-loaded safety valve. The element comes in different models - e.g. we offer a model with flanged or threaded ends, with threaded inlet and flanged ends, and many others.

Precision laboratory scales

Pharmacy scales

Great diversity of the company offer allows every research facility, university or other circle to find the balances they need for their work. Radwag has also prepared diverse pharmacy scales (analytical, precision and others) along with moisture analyzers, automatic pipettes and other weighing instruments and accessories.

Delicious tastings in Poland

food tour

We offer an interesting type of tourism, thanks to which you can get a first-hand experience of our culture and traditions. The food tour is an amazing experience, lead by one of our local guides. This delicious tasting can take place in Warsaw, Gdansk or Krakow. This is an amazing opportunity to try such dishes as pierogi or the famous kotlet schabowy.

Bio market

Healthy food online

Organic, fresh and natural - healthy food online is now available at the click of a mouse! We are on a mission to deliver high quality, bio products that you may need. Are you looking for some nutritious snacks or sweets? Would you like to buy bio drinks, oils, cosmetics or herbal supplements? Visit our ecological market and do some shopping whenever you want!

An innovative way of feeding your pets

hermetia illucens

In order to follow the philosophy of sustainability and eco-life, we came up with an alternative to traditional food for small animals, such as cats and dogs. It's a revolutionary, rich in protein insect powder, made from Hermetia illucents (Black Soldier Fly). We guarantee the best quality of our product and high nutritional value.

Producing powertrain components

Shafts and discs

Among the metal elements that we manufacture there are high quality shafts and discs. Their capabilities include for example: teeth and spline hobbing, long hole drilling, or spline grinding. Basing on our forty years of experience on the market and modern machinery that we own we can assure that the metal components that we produce are infallible.

Transportation services in Belgium

Brussel airport transfer

If you would like to catch your flight without any worries, we offer you our Brussel airport transfer. We provide transport any day, our prices are constant, and our vehicles are modern, safe and comfortable. You can book our service and be sure that someone will pick you up at any chosen time, wherever you are.

Cleaning machinery parts

Workshop washers

One of the very useful pieces of a garage equipment, which make the work much easier and faster, are workshop washers. We offer very reliable cleaning systems which will eliminate dirt, grease and carbon residues even from the smallest spaces of steel, aluminium and cast-iron elements. The big advantage of our machinery is that it does not take up much space in a garage.

Unforgettable trips

Beyond Adventure

Experience the world like you have never before with the Beyond Adventure. You can take part in their expeditions where you choose the desination and visit all of the region while driving a car. You will see the most extraordinary places in just a couple of days and experience the region with unknown intensity.