Smart Lipo aesthetic medicine procedure

Cheap liposuction

Modern liposuction procedure conducted by experienced doctors from Top-Medics private clinics, allows to achieve fantastic results at minimal invasion. Cheap liposuction is a laser-assisted treatment, which has proven to be great not only in removing excessive body fat deposits, but also shaping body contours.

Forbuild's bearings

Structural bearings

Manufactured from elastromer and other materials, they are used in structures to transfer diverse loads which occur to supporting elements. Forbuild has prepared one of the most effective and widely used elements to meet the requirements of the best construction companies. They effectively transfer statistical turns as well as vertical and horizontal shifts.

Dressta - heavy equipment

Construction equipment manufacturers

Quality machinery for heavy-duty tasks. Dressta is one of the most well-known construction equipment manufacturers in the world, offering crawler dozers, bulldozers, wheel loaders, pipelayers and other machinery. Moreover, the company experts can adjust the machine to your individual requirements and needs.

Monastic, Gothic and Roman vestments of Catholic priests

Clergy cassocks

Virtually a complete choice of clergy cassocks of Catholic priests, lectors and altar servants, available online. The website presents also a variety of chasubles in Roman, Gothic and Monastic styles. They are also available in different colors, to suit diverse periods in the liturgical year, and can be embroidered to dedicate it to a given priest.

WiFi CCTV systems from CAMSAT

Wireless CCTV

Reliable security solutions are increasingly popular also in places where traditional cable devices could not be used, or their use was connected with extremely high costs. Thanks to CAMSAT’s wireless CCTV systems, now every facility can improve the safety and get the highest quality image in virtually every conditions.

Enchanting dresses

Elegant dress

Magnificent, characteristic style of our every elegant dress attracts the most sophisticated women. These projects beautifully combine fairy-tale lines, with nature and bold additions (ruffles, prints and more). They are perfect for work, classy events and meetings as well as everyday situations... and they always are as stunning as you.

Spiral air ducts

Ventilation ducting

We offer spiral tubes made from durable materials. Ventilation ducting is often used for air flow systems in office buildings or private homes. Tubes are available in diameters varying from 80 mm to 1600 mm. Our pipes are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel or copper. The standard length of a pipe is 3 m.

Manufacturer of industrial valves

Safety valve

We offer essential parts of systems which are supposed to protect equipment and pressure systems like tanks, pipelines, etc. We highly recommend products like a spring-loaded safety valve. The element comes in different models - e.g. we offer a model with flanged or threaded ends, with threaded inlet and flanged ends, and many others.

Producing powertrain components

Shafts and discs

Among the metal elements that we manufacture there are high quality shafts and discs. Their capabilities include for example: teeth and spline hobbing, long hole drilling, or spline grinding. Basing on our forty years of experience on the market and modern machinery that we own we can assure that the metal components that we produce are infallible.

Fencing for all areas

Chain link fences

Company's offer consists of different types of railing which can be tailored to the needs of the customers. The broad range of the products of the company includes, but is not limited to, post and mesh chain link fences. Thanks to them, it is possible to rail your estate and be assured that it is secured.

Legal services Warsaw

Ensure complete safety of your company and develop your business with comprehensive legal help, provided by experienced Our lawyers. The law firm from Warsaw has offices across the Baltic Sea Region countries and offers support for companies of different sizes and profile of operation. On the basis of trust, respect and excellence in every area of cooperation, the experts provide regular legal services or offer one-time support. Contact the office or visit the website to find out more.

Metal staircases

Staircases UK

Timeless beauty achieved on the basis of the most contemporary style of your interior. Metal staircases designed according to modern style find their place in the most extraordinary private houses, offices and public buildings. They are usually combined with wood, glass and lighting to create original style of any space.



Unsere professionelle Dienstleistungen umfassen die Fertigung von hochwertigen Prozessbehältern, Sicherheitswannen, Linien für chemische Behandlung sowie Kläranlagen in verschiedenen Varianten. Wir bieten darüber hinaus beständige Galvanisiertrommeln an, die aus Polyethylen oder Polypropylen hergestellt werden.

Rising damp

Wet floor and damaged plastering are a telltale sign that your house is currently dealing with the problem of rising damp. If left unattended, areas concerned will slowly begin to rot, which not only will significantly lower the standard of living, but will also weaken the integrity of the whole building. This in turn may cause the whole house to collapse. A swift reaction and intervention will allow to save the building and at the same time lower the repair cost.

Cremation Services


Our funeral home also offers services which involve cremation. Relatives of those, whose last wish was to be incinerated and buried in an urn or to scatter their ashes, can benefit from our offer. We will arrange a whole ceremony which ends in taking the coffin through the veil or curtain in order to have it turned into ashes. The urn can then be buried in the cemetery (in the next part of the ceremony) or taken home by the family.

Garage clearance

Many people use places for their car as their own storage spaces. No matter whether it is its own building, or connected to the house or basement, it is easy to start using it as a free space. We can put everything there – all that we do not need but do not want to throw away. Our company offers garage clearance, which will be perfect for those who want to get rid of the mess and start using the place for their vehicle.

Upholstery for car's interior

Car interior upholstery

Make a smart investment and alter the way your Volvo, Porsche, Mercedes or other vehicle looks like and is perceived - by you and others. Even the most boring dashboards, seats and other elements can be improved by Carlex Design experts. They will prepare car interior upholstery which will surely amaze you with originality, character and fantastic style, appreciated by many demanding owners before you. There are virtually no limits when it comes to shapes and combinations and the quality is always the best.


Such therapy can help deal with many different issues, including muscle and dental pain, as well as skeletal, neck and shoulder problems. To provide the holistic overview, our acupuncturist will work alongside traditional methods. Some people book a session when they suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress. Insomnia, menopause, arthritis and addiction are also some of the causes which led to a visit to our clinic.

Granite kitchen worktops

If you’re looking for the best possible surface for cooking and pastry making, look no further than granite kitchen tops. Thanks to the natural stone used as a crafting material, our products make for an ideal choice for any professional or aspiring home chef. Additionally, thanks to their incredible heat resistance, it is ideal for those who pride themselves in making the best pies and cookies in the neighbourhood.

Find out how not to get overworked

Healthy work life

It is a common knowledge that we spend hundreds of hours doing our job and earning money to maintain a decent standard of living. Therefore, you (as an employee or a boss) should pay special attention to have a healthy work life balance in order to avoid daily stress and dissatisfaction with what you do. Here, through easily-accessible materials such as videos, we provide some effective tips on how to balance your private issues and your job.

Car rental Warsaw

Best deal on car rental - Warsaw. We are company that try to help people in organizing trips. So, when you want to visit our country, see all of the most beautiful monuments and have lot of fun - we can guarantee you all of that. Our cars are modern, fast and comfortable, so we are sure, that your trip will be completely successful. Specially for you we prepared online reservation - this is easy and fast solution. We are completely confident you will be satisfied with our cooperation.

Visit to the holy place

Trip to Wadowice

Our travel agency offers a unique opportunity to visit the birthplace of the Polish pope John Paul II. A trip to Wadowice is a chance to get to know his childhood environment: his house, school, the church he went to as a child. You will also try famous cream cakes, one of his holiness's favourite dishes!

Save your data in a cloud server

uk cloud backup

Power outages and hacker attacks are common in the UK. Cloud backup is the best way to protect and store your valuable data, which is why our company offers to create and maintain a server just for you. So feel free to contact us if you're in need of a way for your files to not be lost due to unfortunate circumstances.

Professional motion capture

mocap studio

If you're looking for a professional mocap studio to cooperate with, look no further. We create breathtaking cutscenes that will bring life into any form of media you desire, with video games being the most requested. Feel free to check you portfolio (which contains examples of our work) and contact us if you find them to your liking.

Traditional plates

Polish pottery dishes

We strive to provide our Clients with the best traditional plates, bowls, jugs and containers. On our site you can find quality polish pottery dishes online available for purchase. These products are handmade by professional artisans from Boleslawiec and can be put in the microwave with no potential danger.